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My TL today. This guy must hate his mother. I can’t believe the amount of black guys that were agreeing with this fool. I mean seeing White / Latina / Indian girls chiming in was expected but wow….then there’s the “lightskins” who pretend to be another race. Ugh I can’t lol. Black people! We need to do better.

What pisses me the fuck of the most is the people that back up comments like these and be dead-ass serious about it.

"White people please accept me." I’M FUCKING CACKLING BRUH!

You see people be so ignorant at times. How are you gonna attempt to slander your own race and ask white people to accept you? Nonetheless, what these people don’t know is that these white people you speak of all think you’re niggers, thugs, thief’s, liars, dead-beats etc.

but that’s none of my business…

The ignorance.

Welp. Honestly guys shouldnt we be glad that we found all the bitches that we need to avoid.I dont think we are offended just really sad that these people are this damn awful.

They are. It’s just sad because it’s most of our men

Right. The sad part is that this isn’t a rare case. And all the black folk agreeing ain’t even light.

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